How much do you know about Secret Life?

Secret Life's a popular show on ABC Family. COnsidering I just told you what channel it's on, I'll laugh pretty hard if you get that question wrong, haha.

So, do you REALLY know Secret Life? Do you watch ALL the episodes? Do you actually UNDERSTAND the series? Or have you just been pretending? Guess I'm gonna find out!

Created by: Julia1124
  1. How old was Amy when she had her baby?
  2. What did Amy name her baby?
  3. Who is Amy's baby's father?
  4. Where did Amy and Ricky meet?
  5. Which girls got pregnant after Amy?
  6. Who suffers a miscarriage?
  7. Which night do new Secret Life episodes premiere?
  8. Which channel is Secret Life on?
  9. What school do the characters attend?
  10. Who lives above the butcher shop?
  11. Who has the badboy rep?
  12. Who's dad dies in a plane crash?
  13. Who named Amy's baby?
  14. Who does Amy date in the beginning of the series?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Secret Life?