An awesome love story

Ok sooo peoples this is my very first quiz soo dont kill me if you dont like it. Soo if you must know you are a 15 year old girl that is about to find out a very big secret that will change your life!!

You will live in a house with 3 boys that are in love with you and are protecting you from...yeaa its a secret between me and Billy!!Who the hell is Billy?!?! anywayss plz comment if you liked the quiz so I can make another one and if you dont like the quiz..*gets chainsaw* yeaaa im dagerous...:)

Created by: COOKIES R US!
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  1. You and your friend LiLy are the mall, when you spot three hot guys! What are your thoughts?
  2. After that you leave the mall. A few days later you got to the park and see the same boys staring at you. In your head you think they look pretty familier but can't remeber where you'd seen them before. Then everything went black...
  3. When you wake up you cant open your eyes and your head hurts like crazy! then you hear voices outside so you act like your sleeping. "You think she's awake yet?" a guy said "Idk they did hit her pretty hard!" said another one.Out of nowhere you jump out of the bed and to the door but when you got there another guy opened the door and grabbed you bye the arm."LET ME GO!" you scream,"No." said the guy.
  4. The dude put you back on the bed. "I'm Luke and this is Mark and Justin." He said motioning a hand to the others. "Why in the name of Billy am I here?!" you ask "Well _____, you see you are in great danger. Someone is trying to kill you." Says Mark,"And you have to stay here so we can protect you." he says.After that you tell them if they could leave, they all left except Justin who said,"I promise I"ll let nothing hurt you." he said then kissed you gently on the lips,"Dinners in 10 minutes." he said, then left.Then you lay there thinking to believe them or not.
  5. Then you take a quick shower and get changed into?
  6. Well watever you picked, you went to the kitchen where you smelled your fav food being cooked."Hi" you said to the guys,"Hey cutie!" says Luke,"Wow..Just wow!" says Mark,"Girl did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" said Justin, you laugh at the lame joke and started eating and telling jokes.
  7. After everyone was done eating you asked,"Who is trying to kill me and why?", you asked."We cant tell you yet."said Mark."Ok listen, if you dont tell me right now watever you're hiding from me, im going right through that front door back to my house and never come back!!!" You yelled."Ok,______ we-" Watever Luke was going to say was cut off by glass shattering."Mark get _____ up to her room!" shouts Luke.Mark grabbed you and you blacked out.The last thing you remember was Luke and Justin fighting 3 guys.
  8. When you woke up you saw Mark healing Luke and Justin and in a few minutes they were both all healed."Oh my Billy Bob wat did you just do Mark?!?!" you managed to scream,"As you can see _____ I'm a healer."said Mark,"and we'll tell you more in like 5 minutes." said Justin."Later gator;)" he says.
  9. After he was gone you took a quick shower and got changed.
  10. When you were done gettin changed, you went to the living room to find the boys there.You said,"Hey guys.","Hey _____, so ready to know the truth?" asked Justin,"Ready as ever." you said,"Well ok. you see _____ we ar-" watever Luke was about to say was cut off by glass shattering. Out of nowhere a guy grabbes you and leaves. You are screaming like there is no coffee and yelling for the guys to save you. the guy who was carrying you said,"Shut up, already!! or i'll break your neck!" he said then you stop yelling, then you heard in your head Justin saying,'Dont worry _____ we'll save you'. Then you started screaming againg then the guy hit you on the head and blacked out....
  11. When you woke up you saw that you were in a then heard someone laughing."W-who are you?" you asked "I'm your worst nightmare!" Then out came a lady with a red dress and next to her was...
  12. Ok who do you love so far?
  13. Rate?
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  15. ooh yea and by the way if you get mark it says he might seen wierd but then he'll tell you a secret yeaa that was a mistake! by

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