How Much Do You Know About Pregnancy?

Do you know anything about pregnancy? If you don't, you should just try taking this quiz to learn some facts and tips. If you do, take it. If you have any questions about pregnancy, ask me in comments and I will tell you the answers or just take my quiz and that should help you.

How much do you know about pregnancy? Any questions about pregnancy? Well, pregnancy is a big word. If you are pregnant and don't know anything about pregnancy, take my quiz and it should help you out.

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  1. If you smoke while pregnant, your baby can be born prematur.
  2. Your baby's head is the biggest part of the body while your 1 month pregnant.
  3. When It's your first pregnancy, you will have false labor.
  4. When you go into labor your discharge can be bloody.
  5. Back Labor is when your baby's head is pushing on your maternal spine.
  6. Your boyfriend/husband's sperm create's your baby.
  7. While pregnant, you can't have sex.
  8. While pregnabt, sex can hurt the baby.
  9. A Ceaserean Section is when the doctor's cut your uterus open to get your baby out.
  10. While pregnant, if you smoke, your baby does too.

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