How much do you know about One Direction?

Well alot of you people think you are a directioner, well take my test and lets see just how much of a directioner you really are!! if your not a real directioner i suggest not taking my quiz!

Are YOU a true directioner? well this quiz will tell you if u actually are.... all of the questions are 100% correct i know it for a fact please be honest and don't cheat!

Created by: Korynn
  1. What year did One Direction become 'One Direction'?
  2. Who came up with the name 'One Direction'?
  3. Which band member screamed when they found out Justin Beiber wanted to follow them on Twitter
  4. Which band member cannot swim?
  5. what was One Directions first single called?
  6. what song are these lyrics from? n'every kiss gets a little sweeter'
  7. Who's the oldest of the group?
  8. Who is the youngest of the group?
  9. What nickelodeon tv show is one Direction on?
  10. Which band member sang 'isn't she lovely' for there X-Factor audition?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about One Direction?