How much do you know about Mi High?

I decided to create this quiz because I am obsessed with M.I. High! It is about a school with three-four secret agents who go to high school. In this quiz most questions are about series 6 but 2 or 3 aren't so study hard and please don't cheat!

Do you know all about M.I. High? Only now you can find out so can you? Go ahead take this quiztastic quiz and if you get a high score(85% to 100%) you deserve a lolly! (You are NOT getting one!!)

Created by: Abby
  1. What is Daisy's last name?
  2. Which villain is Zoe's (series 6) Father?
  3. Who is Dans crush?
  4. In episode 8, The Germinator Series 6, who wins the science fair?
  5. Who is the smartest out of the three MI9 agents in Series 5?
  6. What code print does it have on Zoe's arm?
  7. What is the name of Zoe's sister she meets in episode 6, Inheritance series 6?
  8. Which series of fantasy novels is one of Tom's favourites?
  9. What colour is the Crime Ministers hair?
  10. Who trusted Zoe first?
  11. Who is not a field agent?
  12. What is the last name of the villain in episode 8 the Germinator(series 6)? Bobby...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Mi High?