How Much Do You Know About Mapleshade?

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Hello! Today, you will be tested in the arts of Warrior Cats. Specifically, in one of the most popular character's story! I hope you enjoy this and are pleased with your results. this quiz was crafted entirely for fun, so... if you're not doing this for fun...what is the point

It is commonly debated whether Mapleshade is a villian or hero. There are lots of articles about her on Blogclan, including one that I wrote! Debating Mapleshade by Smokeflower. I hope you check it out!

Created by: Amberdust507
  1. What is the title of Mapleshade's novella/ super edition?
  2. What clan is Mapleshade in? (When she was alive)
  3. What Is Mapleshade's pelt color?
  4. Who did Mapleshade fall in love with?
  5. What clan was Mapleshade's mate from?
  6. Where did Mapleshade tell her mate she was expecting their kits?
  7. How many kits did she have with ___________?
  8. What were Mapleshade's kits' names?
  9. How was Mapleshade exiled?
  10. How many of Mapleshade's kits died?
  11. Was Mapleshade's mate cheating on her?
  12. If so, who were they cheating on her with?
  13. What clan did mapleshade try to go to when she was exiled?
  14. What began happening to Mapleshade that drove her to become a criminal?
  15. Who did Mapleshade exact her revenge on? (while she was living)
  16. Where did Mapleshade go when she died?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Mapleshade?