How much do you know about IFMN?

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IFMN... Whats a IFMN? A IFMN is an amazing, beautiful, talented young girl who loves Hello Kitteh and Domo, along with BrokenCYDE and many other screamo.

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the amaizing ability to know a IFMN? Until you die, you can only wonder. But thanks to this quiz, your life will be shorter!

Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. Whats my name?
  2. Whats my birthdate?
  3. I like Death Note.
  4. I draw manga and anime.
  5. I have a sister.
  6. I have a blue streak.
  7. I hate soaping in Offbeat.
  8. Whats my favorite color?
  9. Well, thats the end! :D
  10. Byee.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about IFMN?