How much do you know about me?

I jus am curious to see who really knows me. I'm sure it will be some questions that you wont know unless your really close to me. But I think if you atleast speak to me then you should know half of these questions.

Do YOU know me? I hope so. Do you have the brainpower to qualify for knowing such a beautiful, talented young woman? Well lets see if you do. In just a few you will find out if you really know this Certified Bubble Yum~

Created by: Perre

  1. Do i have a attitude problem?
  2. What do I do all the time?
  3. Who is my role model and idol besides my momma?
  4. Which member from B2K am I married to?
  5. How long have I been singing?
  6. What are my 3 fav cuzos names?
  7. What's my middle name?
  8. When is my B-Day?
  9. What school did I used to go to when I lived in Indianapolis?
  10. Which family member am I very close to?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me?