How DOMO are you?

Are you DOMO? Try this quiz to see how DOMO/ epic/ awesome/ crazy/ random you are. Being DOMO I would say is a good thing. Please take this quiz. For DOMO.

How DOMO are you? To see you should probably continue on because it would make no sensee not to. Hopefully your score is high because in my mind Being DOMO is good.

Created by: ewok567

  1. Something random.
  2. What is funny to you?
  3. Are you?
  4. Hobby time!
  5. BAM!
  6. What do you do with your food?
  7. Favorite color.
  8. Fire is...
  9. Knifes
  10. Epicness is?

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Quiz topic: How DOMO am I?