How much do you know about hyenas?

Do you know stuff about hyenas? Why are 2 paragraphs necessary? Are hyenas cute? Yes. Why? i don't know. Why do i love hyenas if i love big cats? Big cats eat them, so i don't know.

Find out about hyenas by your end results, just click "show answers". is 2 paragraphs really necessary? No. So why 2? Paragraph 1 is useless, and this one is sort or useless too.

Created by: LokiCat

  1. How many hyena species are there?
  2. The position of males in spotted hyena clans is:
  3. The aardwolf feeds almost entirely on:
  4. A brown hyena's fur looks like this:
  5. True or false? Spotted hyenas rarely scavenge, and lions scavenge more often.
  6. The striped hyena eats meat and occasionally eats:
  7. Another name for the spotted hyena is:
  8. True or false? Big cats will sometimes eat hyenas, but hyenas have killed lions.
  9. Which hyena is the largest out of these?
  10. What is the percentage of things lions eat that are killed by hyenas?
  11. What is the size of most spotted hyena clans?
  12. What are hyenas closest related to?
  13. While the spotted hyena smashes eggs open, brown hyenas:

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about hyenas?