How much do you know about Hogwarts?

Hello! I am Narissa Perez (That is my witch name) and I am the author of this quiz. This quiz will tell you how much you know about Hogwarts, and if you would make it as a Hogwarts student.

Hopefully, you will get 100% and pass as a Hogwarts student! If you don't, I would recommend some more challenging quizzes, because this quiz is probably the easiest quiz you could find. Before you look at this quiz, I would like to mention the name Larry (My father) for giving me the idea of this quiz!

Created by: Narissa Perez
  1. What is Hogwarts?
  2. Do you need a wand, cloak, and books to attend hogwarts?
  3. What is the offensive name for a muggleborn?
  4. Here is a question that should be the easiest out of ALL the quizzes. Who was a famous person at hogwarts? ( well, they all were, but who was the MOST famous?)
  5. Who was named "The Boy Who Had No Choice"?
  6. How was this quiz?
  7. Are you able to attend Hogwarts?
  8. What were the red-headed family called?
  9. What is the name of the founder of Slytherin house?
  10. Who was the founder of the Gryffindor house?
  11. Who was the founder of the RavenClaw House?
  12. And finally, who is the founder of Hogwarts? and the founder of HufflePuff?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Hogwarts?