How much do you know about Firestar

Firestar was an awesome cat in the books. I hope you like him as much as me. His daughters are amazing too and so is Sandstorm. *Spoiler alrt* Sandstorm dies.

Take this quiz and find out who Firestar was! This quiz will test your warriors brain and suck everyone into the world of warriors!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like this.

Created by: Darkpelt

  1. Does Firestar have a mate?
  2. How many kits does Firestar have?
  3. If he has any kits, what do they do in their clan?
  4. In which book does Firestar die?
  5. Who is Firestar’s mate?
  6. What prophecy does Firestar receive?
  7. Who is Firestar’s deputy?
  8. What is Firestar’s warrior name?
  9. Who was his apprentice?
  10. How does Firestar die?
  11. Who was leader after him?
  12. Did you like this quiz? (BTW, this has nothing to do with your score.) Be honest!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Firestar