How much do you know about dragons?

There are dragons all around us, hiding in the most peculiar places. How much do you know about these majestic rare creatures. Would you like to find out?

How much do you know about dragons? Now you can find out, take a few minutes to answer these simple questions and get your answer!Good Luck!

Created by: Pearl Dragon

  1. How much do you think you know about dragons?
  2. What color are dragons?
  3. What size are dragons?
  4. What do dragons eat?
  5. Where do dragons live?
  6. What do dragons collect?
  7. How old can dragons get?
  8. What do dragon eggs look like?
  9. What do dragons care most about?
  10. Can dragons fly?
  11. Can dragons breath fire?
  12. Can dragons talk? If yes then what language?
  13. How many dragon breeds are there?
  14. How many dragons live on earth?
  15. Do dragons exist?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about dragons?