How much do you know about domestic rabbits?

Most people sre very uneducated on rabbit care and they are the most neglected animal in the world because although many things would be frowned upon for doing to a cat or dog, it is normal for a rabbit. Rabbits are extremely underestimated and now we will see if you are underestimating rabbits!

If you have a pet rabbit then I really truly hope they aren't neglected like 70% of rabbits are in the world. It's most likely that if you do have one you are neglecting it so please research a ton on them now if you've get a low score!!!

Created by: Beverly

  1. What is the correct diet for an adult rabbit?
  2. What cage is appropriate for a pet rabbit?
  3. Should rabbits be housed together?
  4. Are rabbits good pets for kids?
  5. How long do pet rabbits live?
  6. Do rabbits eat nuts?
  7. What is the best breed and age of rabbit for a beginner rabbit owner?
  8. Do rabbits bond to their owner?
  9. Should rabbits be bathed?
  10. Are rabbits intelligent?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about domestic rabbits?