How much do you know about Doctor Who?

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This is another quiz about Doctor Who that I don't think many people will take because there are so many quizzes out there, but if you are reading this then please have a go and give a good rating. :^)

If you get a low score do not be upset because of that. Doctor Who is probably just not your strong point. If you got a high score, maybe I should have tried harder questions...

Created by: K and J

  1. How many Doctors have there been so far? (Including the newest series)
  2. In what order did these actors play the Doctor?
  3. Who were the 11th Doctor's main 2 companions?
  4. What was Sarah-Jane Smith's robot dog called?
  5. Who is the leader of the Daleks?
  6. In what episode did Amy Pond meet Winston Churchill for the FIRST time?
  7. What was Clara Oswald's job when she lived in Victorian times?
  8. What/Who was Oswin Oswald?
  9. Which Doctor before he regenerated swore never to eat pears in his next form?
  10. What did the War Doctor use to end the Time War and destroy all Daleks and TimeLords?
  11. Who is NOT one of the Thirteenth Doctor's companions?
  12. At what age was David Tennant when he decided he wanted to be an actor?
  13. At what age was Matt Smith when he auditioned for the Doctor?
  14. What does TARDIS stand for?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Doctor Who?