How much do you know about Divergent? (Book 1)

My name is Michaela. I am here to test you knowledge in the brave and extremely powerful fandom known as ———— Divergent. You must answer these questions as best you can.

Can you do this test? Can you be the one to boast to your Divergent fandom buddies that you got 100% on a Divergent quiz? Well? Can you be the one to take the trophy home?

Created by: Michaela
  1. What is Four’s dads name?
  2. What faction was Tris’s mom born in?
  3. Where was Tori originally from?
  4. What is Four’s real name?
  5. What is Four’s real name?
  6. What age do you have to be to choose your faction?
  7. How old is Four?
  8. What faction does Tris’s brother transfer to?
  9. What is the name of the boy how throes himself over the rail?
  10. How do you pass the second stage of Dauntless initiation?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Divergent? (Book 1)