how much do you know about deadmau5?

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This is a quiz over your knowledge about Deadmau5! he is a Canadian progressive house and techno music producer. He is know by Joel, but i call him mau5, have fun taking the quiz!

Do YOU know your knowledge about deadmau5? take this quiz to find out! All of these questions are over Joel, his cats, and his music. Do you know the answers?

Created by: madison
  1. Ok, let's start off with the first question. Where and when was deadmau5 born?
  2. What are Joel's (Deadmau5) cats' names?
  3. What song has these lyrics: Feeling the past moving in Letting a new day begin Hold to the time that you know You don't have to move on to let go
  4. What video featured Meowingtons when he was a kitten hanging around Joel's speakers and playing with a mouse on stick hanging by a string?
  5. What was Joel's first song ever created?
  6. What does deadmau5 think of magnets? (he said it in a Ustream session on December 24 2011)
  7. What pop does Joel love?
  8. Why is deadmau5 named 'deadmau5'?
  9. What green tattoo does deadmau5 have on the left side of his neck?
  10. Last question! What color of hair does Joel have?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about deadmau5?