How much do you know about ballet?

Have you ever met someone that does not know ballet?My point is that how can you not know ballet when it is such a internatinaly big thing!!I just want ballet to be well known,it is fading against hip-hop and all the diffrent styles of dance!

Are you a ballet dancer?After this quiz you can find out.Will you be perfect,average or just plain bad!!Lets find out,shall we?This is all about my life so I hope that if you got high marks you will take up ballet dancing!! P.S Thanks for taking the test, much apresheated...

Created by: Claire Peach

  1. Do you walk with your turned feet in or out?
  2. Are you good at maths?
  3. Do you have long legs or long torso?
  4. Are you flexible?[split etc.]
  5. Have you got a passion for ballet?
  6. Do you have free time?
  7. If not can you really make time?
  8. Would you do it as a job or for fun?
  9. If it is a job would you really give your all?
  10. Do you like to perform?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ballet?