How well do you know ballet?

There are many people who THINK they know about dance, but only a couple people who actually know their dance. Why do you want to take this quiz? To see if you are one of those few people who know everything there is to know about ballet!

Are YOU a ballet freak?? Well, you can find out with my amazingly good and wonderfull quiz!! I hope you enjoy it, and are much smarter than you were before this quiz. I really do hope yo enjoy it!!

Created by: Sam

  1. Do you know what ballet is??
  2. What do you wear on your feet for ballet??
  3. What color are traditional ballet shoes??
  4. What does "plie" mean?
  5. Do you take ballet?
  6. What is a pancake tutu??
  7. What is a "pique turn"??
  8. Are pointe shoes and ballet shoes different?
  9. What is the difference then?
  10. Name one ballet that has been preformed.
  11. Where did ballet originate??
  12. Do/did you enjoy ballet???

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ballet?