how much do you know about ariana grande

there are many Ariana fans out there but few Ariana 1 fans. but are you a Ariana 1 fans well find out by taking my quiz simples pimples please take this quiz

are you ariana num. 1 fan do you have the brainpower to get every answer in my quiz correct if you score 85 - 100& you are a ariana genius well have fun taking my quiz

Created by: SOPHIA!!!
  1. what is her birthday date
  2. what is her birthday date
  3. where was she born
  4. what about her hair colour
  5. what is her eye colour
  6. what is her type of pet
  7. how many of that pet does she have
  8. what was one of that pet's name
  9. what colour did she dye her hair
  10. what is her hobby
  11. what is her job
  12. what is her celebrity crush
  13. her favourite pastimes are...
  14. favourite sport
  15. what are her favourite colours
  16. favourite fruit
  17. what is her favourite food
  18. favourite candy
  19. favourite cereal
  20. favourite drink
  21. favourite social media
  22. favourite movie
  23. favourite nickelodeon series
  24. which one of these is does Grande take part in
  25. what is her favourite snack

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ariana grande