How Much Do You Actually Know About Larry Stylinson?

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Find out how much you actually know about Larry Stylinson! Don't you just love those love birds. (in all actuality i don't have anything to say but the quiz says it has to be 150 +)

Do you know as much think you do about those love birds? ( + charters or it doesn't qualify. It's like 2:00am and i decided to make this. my brain isn't equipped for this, i'm tired)

Created by: Natalie

  1. First of all, who are larry sylinson ?
  2. What year did Harry & Louis meet (that we have been told)?
  3. How long have Harry & Louis been together (2020)?
  4. What's the name of Louis girlfriend (beard)?(2020)
  5. How did Harry & Louis meet (that we have been told)?
  6. Why are Louis & Harry not out ?(and btw i know there could be a lot of reasons, but i'm just talking about the main theory we have)
  7. Who did Louis say he was going to marry?
  8. Why are Susan Boyle & Frankie Sanford related to Harry & Louis?
  9. Who's the captain of the Larry ship?
  10. What did Harry & Louis use to communicate with us?
  11. What are the bears names?
  12. And last, but not least. How in love are Harry & Louis ?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Actually Know About Larry Stylinson?