How much do we have in common

Do we have anything in common. Since this is the quiz to take. I got this from my ever soaamazing friend DracoMalfoyFan. Love yah. Im gonna make more quizess like sout out.

Im gonna make shout-out quizess, common, test, and a load of other things that I will make later on. So people hang on I will make them eventually hope.

Created by: lazermazer

  1. Are you in school?
  2. Do you like comic s(ex. Mrvel, D.C)
  3. Are you a vegetarian?
  4. What are you (ex. Japanese, chinese, Mexican, french etc.)
  5. Do you have petS?
  6. Do you have A pet?
  7. Do you like music from different countries?
  8. Do you play any sport(s)?
  9. Have you been out of your country?
  10. Were you born in America

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