how much common sense do you have?

this is for common sense. how many of you think you have? i bet you think you have alot. well, you probably do........ any ways commom sense is like the kinda simple things in life.

do you have common sense??this will help termin. i guess.(i hope i spelt that right) you probably have common sense but perfer not to use it. others always use common sense. have fun!!! ;D

Created by: skittles15
  1. your walking down the street and a stranger offers you a ride. do you take?
  2. a murder somehow got into your house. what do you do?
  3. you were pulled over for speeding. your reaction?
  4. theres two bathrooms. one sign is a dude. the other door has a sign of a chick(girl) which is the dude?
  5. your milk expired a year ago and you don't have any more except that one. do you drink it? (by the way, its still not open)
  6. um...... spider bites you. it just happened to be a poisnous spider. what do you do??
  7. dentist says you can't eat for 2hours. your extemly hungry though. do you eat?
  8. big scary rabid dogs are walking down the street. you do...
  9. i can't think of anything else so pick one! :D these have no effect
  10. NO EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: How much common sense do I have?