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  • Just goes to show you that most people do not have any common sense at all. This is why we have a president that is clueless on how to run this country. People with no common sense put him in office. Way to go stupid people.
    By the way, I got 83% on the common sense test. I did not vote for Obozo.

    RunnerD Mar 31 '14, 11:00AM
  • 70% Oh crap I looked over my answers and I'm doing this on my iPod so my big stupid fingers hit the wrong buttons.

    Raeyasha Aug 25 '12, 8:54AM
  • 11% thats funny! awesome quizz!!!!!!!!

    skittles15 Sep 14 '10, 9:52PM
  • i've got 67%!!!!yahoO!!!

    michelle ladesma Jun 19 '10, 1:31AM
  • OMG 2% i own . 13 and id still jump in a van for sweets

    rabitshadow Mar 18 '09, 1:47PM
  • 85% aint bad but i know i have more than that

    sk8ter_girl_1423 Jan 1 '09, 1:29AM
  • 18% that was awsome!

    hippyboy1111 Dec 22 '08, 9:08AM
  • i have no common sense yay!!!! wait should i be happy i have no common sense? idk but i am cuz' its kinda handy sometimes cuz' it can get u out of trouble yay im 13 and still has no common sense. middle school rules but i wish i was in da 9th grade so i could be with this guy i really like

    lover1866 Dec 20 '08, 11:58PM
  • 8%?

    charmed12345 Dec 18 '08, 9:35PM
  • 76 not bad eh

    Spurdoile Dec 17 '08, 5:53PM
  • 85%, i guess thats good but i thought id do better than that, well cant win them all, pretty good B-

    MYRASOSWEET Dec 16 '08, 9:08PM
  • ummm. 88%! i think i have more common sense than that. like common dont give funny options give relistic options.

    aliengal4949 Dec 15 '08, 9:40PM
  • I got 97% common sense. Oh yeah

    hellogirl Dec 13 '08, 2:46PM
  • I got 88%! Cool! :D

    laptop Dec 12 '08, 9:34PM
  • 0% XD!! (I just picked the funny answer things though) :P

    xXShatteredXx Dec 12 '08, 2:24AM
  • I feel good for getting an 83% now that everyone is getting less than 70%

    Danthebard Dec 11 '08, 7:50PM
  • 0% XP

    bloodyXmisry Dec 11 '08, 6:30PM
  • 0% XP

    bloodyXmisry Dec 11 '08, 6:23PM
  • i got 19% tehee luckily my bff has a lota common sense so she dus the smart thing while i just space out lol. actually im really smart, lyk book smart, but wen it comes 2... everything elsee.... i do a lota dumb stufff teehee

    graciecullen Dec 11 '08, 5:05PM
  • sure so I have common sense! Nice quiz.

    jjthejetplane Dec 11 '08, 1:08PM
  • 67%... YAY I'M ABOVE 50!11!

    Blah089 Dec 11 '08, 5:44AM
  • Yeah little to no common sense here.

    Kuggle Dec 9 '08, 10:24AM

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