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  • Ashley you bish

    Pinkiemena May 29 '13, 6:34PM
  • OMG!!! 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im even wearing pink right now!!

    Pinkiemena May 29 '13, 6:33PM
  • Yay...I got 75%!!!! :D I feel like jumping on my bed now (though that's what i wanted to do before anyway)
    I really relate to Pinkie Pie...and icing :D

    SmileForever17 Oct 29 '12, 10:52PM
  • 0%

    It's funny because everyone says I'm very Pinkie Pie like in real life. xD

    Carri04 Jul 3 '12, 2:34AM
  • 50% i got
    cool quizzy

    dani123 Apr 2 '12, 4:40AM
  • Ashley,
    To answer your question, no, it's not a baby show. Any age can watch it. Yes, even adults! The older version was most likely for babies, but this is the NEW version I'm talkin' about. You didn't have to take this quiz if you hate My Little Pony.
    socc ergurl14

    soccergurl14 Apr 2 '12, 3:38AM
  • 0%.........

    Why do people still like to watch My Little Pony it's so babyish and retarded.

    ashley_is_hot Apr 2 '12, 3:35AM
  • I got 49%

    horselover10 Apr 2 '12, 3:33AM
  • You are 9% similar to Pinkie Pie (In Personality)

    You aren't really like Pinkie Pie. You probably don't like candy and cupcakes very much like Pinkie Pie and you probably don't like to throw out parties and all.

    Yup! Pinkie Pie is WAY too crazy and hyper. Sure, she's always smiling and sweet, but she's SO not MY personality. My personality more suits Twilight Sparkle.
    Good quiz btw.

    gherkinsgodhorse Apr 2 '12, 3:30AM
  • Nice quiz! I loved Pinkie Pie when I was younger!!!!!!

    CodySimpsonLuv Apr 1 '12, 5:50PM

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