How much are you like me

Are you a fan of only in America with Larry the cable guy where would you rather be in the woods waiting of a deer to come into your sights do you leave the g off of huntin fishin

Do you know how to make makeshift waders out of just to garbage bags and duck tape do you go to Walmart just to watch a movie do you know the redneck's 12 days of Christmas

Created by: Mountain man

  1. Does your writing suck
  2. If you planned to go waddling but didn't have some would you use trash bags
  3. Are you fine with wearing the same clothes for then one day
  4. At times do you smell like a dog
  5. Do you like duck dynasty
  6. Have you seen hillbilly blood
  7. Do you like nascar
  8. Do you know who Larry the cable guy is
  9. Do you know the redneck twelve days of Christmas
  10. Will you comment
  11. Will you rate
  12. How was it

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me