How much are you like me?

Everyone's different. But how different? I have made a quiz to see how much people are like me. Go ahead and try it out! I am a clean person and never put nasty words in quizzes, so its safe.

How much are you like me? Are you outgoing or maybe normal? Unique or normal? Do you enjoy being in the crowd or stand out? Take this quiz to see how much you are like me!

Created by: Amanda
  1. Whats your favorite food?
  2. Choose an animal...
  3. Choose a section of the Bible...
  4. Favorite Disney classic
  5. Favorite thing to do when alone?
  6. Favorite subject in school?
  7. What continent do you want to visit?
  8. Coolest hairstyle?
  9. Favorite color
  10. Birth month.
  11. Types of song?
  12. Favorite movie genre?
  13. Dream Job?
  14. Favorite number?
  15. Fun places to go on vacation...
  16. Do you like quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me?