How Clean Are You?

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How Clean Are You is a quiz that was made by a professional to give you a 100% accurate result on how clean you are! *Warning: If you are dirty, the result will be harsh and that is because I am motivating you to take better care of your hygiene!*

Are you disgustingly filthy, dirty, messy, clean, or sparkly clean? Take this quiz now to find out how well your hygiene and organization is! Take the advice given if you get a bad result!

Created by: Shimmers

  1. How often do you take a shower?
  2. How long do you take a shower?
  3. How often do you shampoo your hair?
  4. How often do you condition your hair?
  5. How much soap do you use when you take a shower?
  6. What does your room look like?
  7. When you see a mess laying on the table, what do you do?
  8. How often do you brush your teeth?
  9. How often do you floss your teeth?
  10. How often do you use mouth wash?
  11. How often do you wash your hands?
  12. What type of breath do you have?
  13. How often do you brush your hair?
  14. Do you ever notice any smells on your body? If so, what type of smells do you notice?

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