Clean Freak Vs. Dirty Animal!

We struggle to keep clean but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. In fact, if we don't keep healthy and clean then we can face serious consequences...

Ever wondered if you are one of the cleanest people on Earth? Well wonder no more! With my amazing quiz in the next 2 minutes you can find out just how clean you are!

Created by: Mienah
  1. When your mum tells you to clean up you...
  2. If your parents go out for the day you...
  3. How clean is your room o on a scale of one to ten? 1=not clean at all 10=very clean indeed?
  4. How often are you told to clean up after yourself?
  5. What do you reply to your parents when they ask you to do some chores?
  6. How much do you fight with your parents when they ask you to do something?
  7. If someone was to come round your house and it was a total mess you would...
  8. When you are older will you take responsibility of the cleanness of your house?
  9. How clean is your bedroom at this very moment?
  10. How often do you clean your bed sheets?

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