How Monett are you?

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Monett, Missouri is a town with a rich history and a great future. The following questions will test your Monett knowledge. Some will be obvious while others will be extremely difficult!

No doubt some of these questions will be "googleable" however we've ensured only a 3rd of them will be able to be answered in this way. Besides why cheat?

Created by: You're from Monett if:
  1. What year was Monett incorporated?
  2. Prior to the community being named Monett what were her other names?
  3. In the early years of Monett what was the biggest cash crop?
  4. Among the following businessmen who WAS NOT a Monettan?
  5. Monett was named after?
  6. Among these endeavours which one was not pursued by M.E. Gillioz?
  7. What product was never produced in Monett?
  8. The mascot for the Monett School district is?
  9. Marshall hill is named after?
  10. The Waldensians are?
  11. What marker is located on the south side of the caboose at Monett's South park?
  12. Who is pictured in the title of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Monett am I?