How messed up is you're mind

Well thats the end of the quiz. I hope none of you are too messed up in the head, but i'd like to say a few things before you all leave and give me a s--- rating.

If you got 50% or more, you may have seen and done the things I said. If you have, then wow, but f you haven't, i am sorry it didn't work too well for you.

Created by: FTW NJC
  1. How many insects are you afraid of?
  2. Are you afraid of spiders?
  3. What is your biggest fear? (I didn't put death cos everyone would pick it)
  4. What to you out of these is the worst nightmare
  5. What are you're reactions after this ' You are running away from someone with an axe, you take a left, a right, a left again, another rright BRICK WALL!' Are you...
  6. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  7. How often do you hullucinate?
  8. Where would you rather be?
  9. What would you rather be doing?
  10. What is you're faviroute food?
  11. Whats you're faviroute color?
  12. What type of game do you prefer?
  13. What type of film/show do you prefer?

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