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  • 91% nice. Well I am mostly nice but don't get me mad or it'll godown but I'm never really mad. If you do mean stuff to me like my friend then it's on ,I will not let you get to me cuz you're just looking for attention and your annoying(sorry I really hate her cuz she's so annoying and always is tryi to take my stuff )

    LittleLovelies Nov 13 '15, 8:20PM
  • Christine...your name is very beatieful......... and yes take all the sugar cookies.

    BenevolentHope Apr 7 '14, 4:51PM
  • Your Result: Okay... but not really.
    83%Half the time you are mean, but half the time you are nice. You are a troublemaker, yet the top of the class. Maybe you aren't as bad as people think... or maybe you are.


    BadBihh Feb 6 '13, 5:58PM
  • you shouldn't really make these kind of quises

    kind Jul 6 '12, 1:48PM
  • well im nice but when people call me names i get b---y.

    Leg_the_great Jan 12 '08, 5:52PM
  • i'm not nice i'm a b----.... sometimes

    girly69 Jan 9 '08, 10:06AM
  • Yay! I got nice...

    ccdurra Jan 8 '08, 6:07PM

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