how many people like you?

" young love... so cute... there are people who like you or even love you. you might think youre ugly but really youre beautiful. whenever you feel down, always remember there is someone who thinks about you every night before they fall asleep." emily steinman

the real question is, how many peoples dreams are you in? are you a nightmare or a beautiful dream? take my quiz and find out!

Created by: emily

  1. are you...
  2. what color are your eyes?
  3. what color is your hair?
  4. i have...
  5. what one is closest to your real name if you are a girl
  6. which is closest to your real name if you are a boy
  7. are you a...
  8. what is your hobbie?
  9. what do you do when you get home?
  10. how many people are you crushing on?! ;p
  11. thanks for quizing and fyi if your wondering im eleven and already i am a hopeless romantic ;)

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