How many kids will you have and more?

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Hi! My name is Tiff13 and I created this quiz. I did this because I saw other quizzes like this and took them but they didn't really PEEK into my future.

Will you have kids? What will their names be? Will they be a boy or girl? My quiz answers that and more. Also be sure to take my other quizzes(listed in the final question)

Created by: Tiff13

  1. How many kids do you want to have?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters? (adoption doesn't count)
  3. Until I say so this quiz will be true or false only. Okay?
  4. You want a girl and a boy.
  5. You perfer WHITE over BLACK.
  6. Okay, now we are entering the 'Better?' section. I will say two items and you chose which is better. Yes or no?
  7. Taylor Swift Ke$ha
  8. GUM: Big Red Trident Layers
  9. There are two questions remaining. question # 11-counts question # 12-dosn't count Why are you taking my quiz?
  10. Rate/comment?
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz. Choose one of my other quizzes to take now.

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Quiz topic: How many kids will I have and more?