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  • I got 1-4...I might just have 5....

    I really want to have a decent family size but if I don't make very uch income then I'll wait on that because the kids would have the proper learning a growing experience...

  • I hate kids, get this right, Im only 17. But my grandpa loves kids, my grandma loves them to, my other grandparents are okay. My current love interest-Im not sure

    Hunter farms
  • you could work on making longer and more enthusiastic questions that dont sound like the questions are being draaaaaaagggggged out of you :)

  • 1-4 really lol 10/10

  • I got 1-4 but I am definently NOT having triplets I made a more accurate quiz go to w w w . g o t o q u I z . c o m / F r 9 F B


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