How many kids suit you

I have a pony name honey and it is really cute i like to ride it and it likes to be brushed. and i sometime plate it pony tail and it looks really cute and Honey is a really cute pony

Honey like to jump run and she is a very very very very fast runner she is 5 years old and my mum aways gives her a pat and cleans up after her my dad mows the lawn around so

Created by: moshi2200999

  1. What kind of type of house,unit,town house Etc would you like to live
  2. What is your fav sport out of these
  3. Do you like to sleep in
  4. Do like to watch tv
  5. Do you like to eat healthy
  6. If you had kids would you make them eat healthy all the time
  7. If your children or child got in trouble would you make them or let them
  8. would you let your child or children pack there own lunch boxs
  9. would you let your child or children do any sport they wanted
  10. If your child was crying would you
  11. Would you let your child catch the bus at the age of 5 along

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