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  • Your Result: 5 or more kids 90%

    Yes! I was hoping you would think I would be a good Mommy! I just took another quiz and was a little offended but did not listen to what it said. I am hoping and praying for somewhere from 6-10 children. I even have a bunch of girls names picked out! I am only 10 years old now, and my Mommy is going to have a new baby in the spring! I can't wait, and I love being the oldest in a big family because its jus so fun! This baby will be child number 6 in my family, and its fun because I'm number 1 and will turn 11 in April, just a little after the baby is born so we will all be close in age!

  • I got 3 just what I wanted but if you didn't like your result try mine at then a slash then this code thingy : F r 9 F B

  • 5 or more kids. I'm in heaven!!!!!

  • haha. you said 1000 which equals $1,574.1 U.S. dollars. weird....

  • I got four :D

  • 5 or more kids
    didn't expect that
    but i do have 8 siblings


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