How lucky are you?

Luck is a strange thing. It can be tested and measured in some quite interesting ways. Some people happen to have more of it than others at random times.

Have you ever wondered how lucky of a person you are? If so, take this quiz and you'll find your answer! Hope you like it! See you at the end! :)

Created by: Luck Expert

  1. Welcome to the luck test! How are you?
  2. Choose a letter.
  3. Choose a set of letters and numbers.
  4. Choose a face.
  5. Choose a number.
  6. Choose a word to rhyme with Jack.
  7. Choose a female name starting with J.
  8. Choose a unisex name.
  9. Choose a word.
  10. Choose a way to say goodbye.

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Quiz topic: How lucky am I?