How Lucky Are You

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Hi! This Quiz Will Tell You How Lucky You Really Are! Some People Are Lucky And Others Are Not So I'm Going To Help You Find Out What You Are!

Just So You Know I'm Changing My Name To FudgeMuffin So If You End Up Wondering Why I've Stopped Making Quizzes I Havn't I Just Changed My Name! If You Don't Want To Take My Quiz Then Just Take A Different One Of Mine!

Created by: Ethan

  1. Do You Have A Lucky Charm?
  2. Do You Have A Lucky Number? If You Do Then What Is It?
  3. Have You Ever Won The Lottery?
  4. Do You Have An Enemy That Has Bad Luck?
  5. Are You Very Ill?
  6. Are You Very Old?
  7. Do You Think You Have Good Luck?
  8. Do You Have Any Diseases Such As Anthrax, Chickenpox, The Plague Etcetera?
  9. Have You Ever Walked Under A Ladder?
  10. Have You Ever Seen An Owl Hoot Three Times?

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