How Loyal are You

There are many friend , but few loyal friends. Loyal is after all quite exceptional. What is a loyal friend? A loyal friend is someone who you can truly trust. A shoulder to lean on. Even your BFF.

Are YOU a LOYAL friend? Do you have the strength and trust to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you cold only wonder. But thanks to this great Uzi, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Chavinique
  1. If a new girl/boy comes to school and your BFF starts spending a LOT of time with her/him what would you do???
  2. If you and your BFF are supposed to go to the movies tonight and they cancel on you last minute to do homework what would you do.
  3. On a scale of one to ten how mean can your BFF be
  4. How many times a week do you see your BFF
  5. The firs thing you say to your BFF is...
  6. If you had to describe your BFF in one word it would be...
  7. The first thing you tell anyone about your BFF is...
  8. What is your BFF better at than you
  9. What characteristics does your BFF have that you are missing
  10. How would your BFF describe you

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Quiz topic: How Loyal am I