Are You Loyal To Your BFFS?

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Some people are loyal- so they think. This quiz will test your loyalty, AND your lying technique. (That's not good obviously) anyway, loyalty people are people who stand up for their friends when they are hurt or in trouble.

Are YOU loyal? Do you have the kindness inside you to make it true? I doubt it, but you can prove me wrong by taking this short, 10 question quiz. Hope you pass!! Good luck!!😊

Created by: Massie

  1. Do you stand up to your friend when someone teases her?
  2. A girl walks by who hate your BFF, sarah, and knocks her lunch out and it spills on the floor. What do you do?
  3. Your BFF and you were sitting and catching up on the gossip, when Gretchen, the spoiled brat of the 6th grade joins and interrupts your friend. You:
  4. Your BFF were at Mcdonalds when Shaylee, the mayors daughter walks in and mocks everything your BFF does. You:
  5. Oh oh! Someone tripped your BFF in the halls, and she landed in front of her crush! Everyone laughs at her. You:
  6. Some bully slaps your friend and threatens to kill her. You:
  7. A new girl teases your BFF because she stutters. You:
  8. Everyone hates your BFF because she's part mental. When someone says something mean, you:
  9. You and your bffs go to a movie and your BFF Massie is so small, everyone thinks she's a 3 year old! The guy at the movie counter said, "she's to little to see this". You:
  10. You and your BFF have braces. Your BFF just got hers yesterday. Everyone calls her " Metal Mouth". You:

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Quiz topic: Am I Loyal To my BFFS?