Are you loyal to your friends?

Think you're pretty loyal? Not sure? Just wanna take the quiz? You've come to the right quiz. Let's see if you're totally loyal... Or not.. Thanks for taking!

I mean, you DO want to find out, right? Thought so. I really appreciate it when you comment so please do. I hope you enjoy this little loyalty quiz.

Created by: thisismyquiz
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  1. A nerd from you sit next to in Social Studies drops her books in the hall and the popular kids start laughing. You:
  2. You promised your BFFS you'd sleep over At her house on friday. Then the most popular girl in school invites you to THE party of the year. You:
  3. Your mean science teacher yells at your BFF for no reason.What to do?
  4. Your ex- best friend(who humiliated you on the first day of school) asks to carpool with you. You say;
  5. ••••this question will not affect your results••••• Do you like the quiz so far?
  6. (this question WILL affect your results) A mean girl at school posts mean stuff about your dorky lab partner(who you've grown to like). You:
  7. Do you think you are:

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Quiz topic: Am I loyal to my friends?