What Kind of Friend are You?

Take my quiz and find out if you are a sweet and loyal or a bakstaber.Have you ever asked yourself do my friends relly like me as a friend? Well, I don't know but this quiz does!So in only a few moments you can answer all those Quistions.

Are YOU sweet and loyal or are you a dirty backstaber?Do your friends relly like you or don't like you at all?Well, if you relly have to know all this you have to do is take my quiz and you'll find out .so, what are you waiting for? Take my quiz right now

Created by: Amada Robinson

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  1. Would you ever call you friend a mean name?
  2. do you gossip about your friends?
  3. How much do you call your friends?
  4. What is your favorite movie?
  5. Do you like your friends pet(s)?
  6. Would you like to have a sleepover with your friend?
  7. Are you ok with thier brothers and sisters?
  8. Do you care how big their house is?
  9. Do their parents like you?
  10. Do you know what her parents do?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Friend am I?