How Lovable Are You

There are many kind people out there, but not many lovable people. Lovable is over kind, lovable is absolutley kind. If you are lovable you could become literally anything you want to be. Everyone loves you and wants to be your friend.

Are YOU lovable?? Would YOU risk getting hurt to defend an innocent child?? Would YOU miss your best friend's birthday party to go to your great grandmother's 99th birthday?? If your not sure, TAKE THIS QUIZ!!

Created by: Nataijah

  1. You see a new girl with a strong accent come to your class. Do you:
  2. You see a small boy being bullied by a bunch of girls from your class. Do you:
  3. You notice some boys stuffing things into a big Nike bag in a store. Do you:
  4. You see a cat stuck in a tree . Do you:
  5. You see a little boy crying in the street. Do you:
  6. You see a man giving out brochures. Do you:
  7. You see a saxophone player. Do you:
  8. You are next in line for a cashpoint. Wheu you get there you see that the last person has left a £50 note. Do you:
  9. You are invited to your friend's birthday party on the same day as your great grandmother is turning 99. Do you:
  10. You find a dog in your garden. Do you:

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