How Loud Are You?

Are you loud? Is being loud a habit? Are you going to ace this test? A loud person is never shy or quiet. Duhhh of course. wow so yea okay i shoulda chose something else im watching that so raven so bye and bye ut u should win this quiz its freakin balliin

Well takemy quiz and you'll come out on top either way. So go ahead and be loud. Ace this and win. Can you win and be on top? Are you gonna be on top who who is ored yet omg lmao she fell stupid B word sike nawh.

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you and ur friends stand outside your locker yelling & arguing about stupid stuff?
  2. Do you argue with ur bestfriend in the middle of the hallway?
  3. If u fell flat on ur face in front of the whole school you would...
  4. When you are on the fone whats ur volume in the tone of ur voice(how loud)
  5. what color is your hair(no affec just wanted to kno)
  6. Are you loud right now?
  7. When ur friends argue are u always the quiet one?
  8. Do u laugh loud?
  9. Do like to be involed in drama?
  10. Do you scream loud?

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Quiz topic: How Loud am I?