How Long Would You Last in War

There are many wars and there are many soliders in wars,yet millions of those soliders die. If you joined an army would you be one of those to die? Find out in my quiz.

Are you a Commander or a Commando? Find out now by answering these 12Quess. Hopefuly you get a great score and if you didn't you probably just played with stupid answers.

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  1. When you're pinned down do you:
  2. If you have the greatest chance to attack you:
  3. If a soldier is hurt you:
  4. The sergent won't let you drive the tank, you:
  5. You have nothing to fight for:
  6. You change your mind about joining the army because you don't want to kill you:
  7. You prefer the:
  8. You would like to be promoted to:
  9. How long do you think to last in a war?
  10. You____during a battle.

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