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  • Please dont use the test format to make sucha quiz 'cause questions probably have more than 1 answer

    MChkflaguard_Yt Feb 15 '17, 7:21AM
  • 27 This quiz fails!

    BGB64 Mar 9 '13, 7:13PM
  • You will 45% live!!!!! i will live up to a month or a year

    ilovedc Nov 25 '12, 6:26PM
  • 36 dangit

    demaque Feb 26 '12, 5:17PM
  • 27%?!

    seriosuly. ......?!

    "you will live for about one week".....


    b ad quiz >:/

    ZetaPrime Feb 22 '12, 9:10PM
  • You will 36% live.

    You will live for about a month to a year and will have no friends and try killing every thing but you won't succeed...




    oxSierraxo May 8 '11, 9:34PM
  • You will 64% live.

    You will survive for at least a year and will kill every thing in your path human, zombie, cat, dog, fish, army

    TXTR May 6 '11, 4:55PM

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