How Likely Are You To Murder Someone?

A lot of people get murdered..and those require murders. Now, are you a murderer? Or are you LIKELY to be a murderer? Take this totaly awesomness quiz of uber sexiness to find out.

If you dont want to kill anybody..take this quiz. Make sure you arent going to. And if you need to in meditation. Take my coolness toasterly amazingness quiz of smelly cheese violenceness!

Created by: Lydia!

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  1. If someone runs into you on the street you...
  2. If your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend you...
  3. If your mom grounds you for something you didnt do you...
  4. You classify yourself as..
  5. If you relize someone copies off you on tests all the time you..
  6. If you realized you were going to die you would...
  7. Your teacher hates you and gets you in trouble for things you dont do.
  8. If you met me in RL, what would you do?
  9. In a guy/girl, you look for...
  10. How many people do you hate? I mean, really really hate?

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Quiz topic: How Likely am I To Murder Someone?