How large is your cerebrum?

Everybody has a cerebrum, but not everyone's has developed to it's full extent. Some are better than others and studying more is one way to improve your it.

There is one way to find out how strong your cerebrum is, and you don't have to pay!You can find out if you have a strong cerebrum, and also learn cool facts.I bet thatin a few short minutes, you'll know about yours!

Created by: sessie

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  1. What phrase is usually used when starting fairy tales?
  2. Who is the current prime minister of Australia?
  3. What type of cycle has three wheels?
  4. What do you think an overwhelming fear of something is called?
  5. Why do you think some people do not like Wikipedia?
  6. If I said 'What is a little red house with no doors, no windows, a chimney on top and a star inside' what would you say?
  7. Who do you think James Watt is?
  8. Do you think that people in wheelchairs can play basketball?
  9. What set of words are all to do with the one thing?
  10. What do you think a dodecahedron might be?
  11. What part of you do you think controls your breathing?

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Quiz topic: How large is my cerebrum?