How Kent are you?

Would you like a challenge? Are you bored? Has this quiz appeared on Facebook? Answer yes to any of the above then this quiz is for you. It's all about Kent.

Think you know Kent? The county that time forgot? Take these series of questions and see if you really do know all there is to know about this sleepy backwater.

Created by: The Geek

  1. Kent is full of...
  2. What is the name of the county town?
  3. People from Tunbridge Wells are...
  4. Is Medway really in Kent?
  5. Beer should have a head and be full of gas?
  6. What do you think of Essex?
  7. Dartford crossing...
  8. Do you cry when you see the White cliffs of Dover?
  9. Is Dover in France?
  10. Are Tonbridge Angels the greatest non league football team ever?

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Quiz topic: How Kent am I?